Inex Tubes


For over 30 years INEX Inc. has supplied Composite Radiant Tubes (CRTs) to heat-treaters, burner companies, and original equipment-builders for indirectly-heated, atmosphere-controlled industrial furnaces all over the world. About half of INEX users are commercial heat-treaters who do contract processing of everything from fasteners to sophisticated aerospace components. The balance are captive manufacturers who heat-treat their own products.

​INEX tubes last indefinitely, usually 10 years or more, depending on care taken in avoiding mechanical problems such as refractory rebuilds, load crashes, part accumulation, excessive fan vibration and tool impact. Many INEX tubes are still in service after 20 years and will likely outlast their furnaces. 



  • U-Tubes
  • Single-Ended Recuperative Tubes SER EGR
  • Internally-Finned Tubes
  • Protection Tubes for Electrical Elements
  • Straight-Wall Tubes


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