Super Systems, Inc.

 Super Systems Inc. develops and manufactures products for the thermal processing industry. Our products include probes, analyzers, controllers, software solutions, flow control and engineered systems. We have extensive experience in addressing industry demands with technology to help our customers be more efficient and produce better quality products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, and offices around the globe give us the resources to address the instrumentation, software and technical needs of the industry. At SSi, taking care of our customers is our number one priority and we continue to set higher standards for supporting customers like you.


  •  Carbon & Oxygen Probes
  •  Carbon Analyzer - CAT100
  •  Flow Meters
  •  Multi Gas Analyzers
  •  Dew Point Analyzers
  •  Atmosphere Furnace Controls
  •  Vacuum Furnace Controls
  •  Nitriding-FNC Control
  •  Data Acquisition - Super Data
  •  Endo Gas Generator Control
  •  Temperature Uniformity - Data Logging


Company Information


7205 Edington Dr. 

Cincinnati, OH 45249

Phone: 513-772-0060

Fax: 513-772-9466

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