Fredericks manufactures high-quality vacuum sensors, gauges and control instrumentation under the TELEVAC brand. Our extensive line of vacuum measurement products features industry-leading cold-cathode technology, thermocouple gauges and precision-manufactured hot ionization gauges. Together, our products cover the entire practical vacuum range – from atmosphere to ultra-high vacuum (UHV). 

Vacuum Controllers

Televac vacuum controllers are designed for use with passive vacuum gauges and each model offers unique features and benefits. Rack-mountable controllers, such as the MX200, can control up to 10 vacuum gauges and are highly configurable to meet your specific requirements and are easily integrated into your network

Passive Vacuum Gauges

Offer a comprehensive line of passive vacuum gauges (sometimes referred to as sensors, transducers, and tubes) including thermocouple gauges, convection gauges, and diaphragm gauges for low vacuum measurement along with cold cathode gauges and hot ion gauges for high vacuum measurement


Active Vacuum Gauges

Active gauges (sometimes called digital vacuum gauges, smart gauges, or simply vacuum gauges) combine the passive vacuum gauge and vacuum controller electronics in one compact unit. We offer active gauges featuring thermocouple gauge, convection gauge, and cold cathode gauge technology which can be used together to provide full range vacuum measurement from ultra high vacuum to atmosphere


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