Wirco, Inc.

  When purchasing any of our Alloy Engineering and Casting Company line of cast products you can be assured that our A2LA-accredited laboratory (Testing Cert #1321.01) has verified the metal content of each furnace heat. 

Since 1978, Wirco, Inc., has been committed to providing high quality heat treat fixturing and furnace replacement parts to our customers. 

Wirco manufactures a full line of fabrications including baskets, fixturing, furnace fans (new and rebuilt), furnace rolls, muffles, corrugated boxes, wrought and cast radiant tubes and retorts. We design fixturing to specific customer requirements, and also rebuild furnace components such as fans and fan housings and most recently, cast U and W tubes. Our services and products provide lower operating costs and ease of use so our customers can focus their energy on their core business.


  • Work Carriers
    • High Temperature Rod Frame Baskets
    • Cast Baskets
  • Furnace Fans - ability to rebuild existing Fans
  • Radiant Tubes, cast and fabricated
  • Furnace Rolls
  • Cast Trays & Fixtures
  • Internal Furnace Alloy
  • Furnace & Generator Retorts
  • Furnace Muffles
  • Scrap Recycling Program​


Company Information

 108 Progress Way

Avilla, IN 46710

Phone: 800-348-2880

Fax: 260-897-2525


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